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Suri Alpacas for Sale

Welcome to our Suri alpaca sale page. Currently we have all of our suri alpacas for sale. We are offering several package deals on our Alpaca Nation web site (Click here). Since we have a small farm, we cannot keep all of the crias that we get and have to sadly let some of them go to other alpaca owners. The alpacas below are ones that we consider would be good additions to another alpaca program, none are "throw away's". Be sure to scroll down to see additional pictures and some information about each alpaca.

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Suri alpaca for sale - Ninia
Suri alpaca for sale - El Doramir
El Doramir
Suri alpaca for sale - Sugi

Suri alpaca for sale - Spicebear
Suri alpaca for sale - Mariah
Suri alpaca for sale - Aria
Suri alpaca for sale - Tippy
Suri alpaca for sale - Silk
Donavon Silk

Suri alpaca for sale - Red Rider
Red Rider
Suri alpaca for sale - Socks
Satin Socks
Suri alpaca for sale - Marcus
Silken Marcus
Suri alpaca for sale - Dominic
Ebony's Dominic
Suri alpaca for sale - Martin
Silken Martin

Notable alpacas for sale
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Suri alpaca for sale - NiniaNinia is a very friendly girl out of our Pinta and Alpacas of Tualatin Valley's Zeus Rose, a very lustrous white stud. She is a light color that looks white because it shines so much. She has great locks that run the full length of her body. Ninia has the "suri" head and the flat lock structure. Ninia is 1/2 Peruvian and shows her Accoyo heritage. Although Ninia was never shown, her dam was a multiple award winner and her sire has sired a number of award winning offspring.

Ninia had her first cria on 6/18/2008. It was a white female cria with light fawn markings. She weighted 20.9 pounds at birth and was standing up all the way in 35 minutes.

Ninia's second cria was a male born on 6/16/2009. He is colored much like his sister, white with fawn saddle and weighed 22 pounds at birth. His fleece has small pencil locks that shine like pearls.

Ninia's light color does not make her a good match for our color herd so we are offering her (with a heavy heart)for sale.

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Suri alpaca for sale - El DoramirEl Doramir 's sire is Hiebert El Dorado (who is half Accoyo), a medium fawn stud out of the El Dorado who is half Accoyo and sired by the famous Accoyo Pperuvian Sedoso. Her dam is Negra Shimelle, a true black with many black crias. El doramir's fleece is very dense and soft with a very low average micron diameter. She is very friendly and will eat treats out of your hand when offered. While her color is light fawn, with her parentage, she should throw color when bred to a colored stud.

El Doramir had her first cria on 6/03/2009, a female. Her cria (Tippy) was white with a maroon saddle, tips on her ears and a white tip on her tail.

El Doramir's second cria was a pinto male that is mostly white with black and gray saddle and black tips (see Dominic below).

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Suri alpaca for sale - SilkSilk was born June 17, 2005 and is being used at stud this summer. His long well defined lustrous white fiber would make any hand spinner want to just bury their hands in his fleece. Silk is a nice and gentle stud but is not easily dominated by other studs. He comes up to us readily to accept treats out of our hands and is a gentleman while breeding.

Silk's sire is MTBA Devon and his dam is Omineca's Silk Tassel. With his all white parentage, he should produce many fine white or light colored crias. Unfortunately our small ranch does not have room to support another color line. Silk would be a great first stud for a new alpaca owner or a great new mix of genes to an existing alpaca operation.

Silk has gotten our Ninia pregnant with one covering each of the first two years, but took twice in 2009. Great parentage, good looks, high luster and an easy breeder, what more could you ask for in a stud!

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Suri alpaca for sale - SpicebearSpicebear

Spice has a very silky medium brown fleece with tight looks that run the whole length. Spicebear has grown into a very nice young girl and with her parentage, she should throw color when bred to a colored sire.

Spicebear's fleece took 2nd place at the 2008 Suri Network Summer Symposium in the Light brown female juvenile class.

Spicebear was bred to our maroon stud Sonata and produced a very lovely medium brown female cria.

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Suri alpaca for sale - Red RiderRed Rider

Although Red is registered as light brown he is as his name suggests, red. He has silky tight locks from head to toe. Both of Red Rider's parents are award winners and his fleece took 2nd place at the 2008 Suri Network Summer Symposium in the Light brown male juvenile class. Although Red Rider's fleece is of the quality that we are breeding for, it's light color does not fit with our plan for black and maroon colored herd.

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Suri alpaca for sale - MariahSilken Mariah

Silken Mariah is out of our dam Ninia by our stud Donavon Silk. She weighted 20.9 at birth and is white with light fawn markings. When the sun shines on Mariah's fleece is shines like high quality Bombay silk or high luster pearls.

We thought Mariah was getting a little fat but she has a perfect body score of 3 (out of 5). She just has such a heavy fleece that she looks chubby. Mariah is related to all of our studs so it is best that we let someone else use her for breeding. She should add luster to any breeding program.

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Suri alpaca for sale - AriaSonata's Aria

Aria is the 2008 cria of our ATV Sonata and LKR Latte. She weighed 18.9 pounds at birth and is doing quite well. She is a light fawn with a very silky fleece. The combination of her dam's very fine fiber with her sire's luster and lock structure make Aria a good prospect to add great fiber to any herd. Her light color is the only reason we are considering to sell her to another alpaca program.

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Suri alpaca for sale - TippySatin's Tippy

Tippy was a surprise to us. We were not expecting her for three weeks but she was anxious to come out. She is white with a big maroon spot on her back and a dark spot on her head. She has a white tip on her tail and dark tips on her ears. She was off to a slow start but is really taking off. She does not understand that she is the smallest alpaca at this time. She barges in to the middle of a group of older alpacas getting treats from humans.

Good looks, wonderful fleece and a great personality.

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Suri alpaca for sale - SocksSatin Socks

Mr Socks as he is called, is a beautiful bay black with white socks on his front legs that go up to his knees. He was a first of the morning surprise as we went out to feed breakfast to the herd, he was there up and testing his legs. Socks is a very calm and friendly gentleman. He should have many dark colored crias once he starts his breedings.

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Suri alpaca for sale - MarcusSilken Marcus

Marcus weighed 23.0 pounds at birth. He was born, up and walking within an hour and trying to nurse at an hour and a half. He is mainly white like his sire but is a faint light fawn area on his back. Marcus should be weaned around the first of 2010. With his stature and incredible fleece, he should provide many great offspring.

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Suri alpaca for sale - DominicEbony's Dominic

Dominic was born on 6/23/2010 and is a white and black pinto male. His fleece has high luster and is nicely locked. With his colored ancestry, he should produce some real nice colored cria when he starts breeding.

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Suri alpaca for sale - MartinSilken Martin

Martin was born on 6/29/2010 and is white with a faint fawn stripe down his back. he weighed 20 pounds at birth. He has long legs and lots of exquisite fleece which is high in luster and great lock structure.

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